Musfiq Bangladesh vs Austrilia

Musfiq in the first ‘romance’

Musfiq Bangladesh vs Austrilia
Musfiq Bangladesh vs Australia

Tests have been played against all other countries. The rest is just Australia. None of the current Bangladesh team has played Test against this team. And yes, Mashrafe Bin Mortaza played. But he is now out of the Test team.

Musfiqur and Shakib will face Australia for the first time in the upcoming series. And this’ first ‘thriller has already felt the Test captain of Bangladesh Musfiqur Rahim,’ a lot of difficult challenges. But we have confidence that we can give Australia a tough time, which has been able to give England. If you can finish the series well then there will not be any scent to play.

Musfiq is also not sure when to play Test with Australia. That’s why remembering the series by putting an era of experience in Test cricket and wanting to keep the series alive. Getting a little extra self-confidence in the field. However, good inspiration from the three-team Test team is coming from the opponent, ‘Not only in the field but also in the sub-continent they play well. Everyone has a goal with such a professional team to do well. I want it too. ‘

Australia team announced for Bangladesh tour Musfiqik’s unbeaten face is one-leg-spinner Mitchell Söppen in the squad. However, Bangladesh captain does not seem to recognize anyone in his condition as a problem. Apart from that the preparation is very good. The practice is to make two Test venues in Dhaka, Chittagong. Musfiq’s comment with Australia team at Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury Stadium in Chittagong, “They took over the spinner because, maybe in the last series, we can see how we can make wickets.” We are not so surprised. All the other bowlers, except for one, it is just about sugar. That’s how we’re preparing. ‘

Mirpur Sher-e-Bangla Stadium is still not quite ready after new grass. Indoors were practiced in Dhaka and in the small field of the academy. In comparison to Chittagong, the practice is very intensive. Regular batting-bowling preparation is going on in two stages. Musfiq thinks the chance of using medium wickets is the greatest benefit of practicing in Chittagong. Boredom, the warmth of a little more heat in Chittagong – all of which are there.

The advantage of the conditioned condition that Bangladesh can always take, is not necessarily. It was seen that the spinners’ wicket was made, but the opponent spinner took advantage of more than Bangladesh. Regardless of the conditions, Musfiq is important to play his game properly, ‘We can do well against any team in our day. We have now talented bowlers, batsmen and all-rounders in our team. “Hopefully the batsmen, with batting consultant Mark O’Neal, will be able to extend the innings, hoping the captain will be able to lift the innings.

Contrary to hope there is also a place of thought. Musfiq’s thought enhances the long break in the Test match, “We play in such a big way that the new bowling combination is seen in every series. It becomes very difficult for the newcomer. If we can play for one or two years with this bowling unit, then it will be good. “The captain feels that the batting has come a little stabilized, it would be beneficial for some batsmen to stay in the long run. Although the bowling lineup is not easy, Musfiq believes the opponents have the ability to take 20 wickets.

A medium of confidence to do something good among the newcomers to be with the world class teammates, see from them. Musfiq also said, “Shakib said or Tamim, they learn a lot about them. If they could, the whole group spread that faith. ‘

The success of the team is also done by Tonik. The win against Sri Lanka in the 100th Test in Colombo, before losing to England at home on the field – Musfiq’s Australia-thrillers are boasting in confidence.