Shakib fatullah india vs bangladesh

Bangladesh will lose Australia if

Shakib fatullah india vs bangladesh
Shakib fatullah india vs bangladesh

Finally Australia is coming to Bangladesh After 11 years, Australia will be seen playing Test in Bangladesh. Musfiqid’s lack of effort to keep this series a memorable one. The team promises to everyone, the smiths who want to lose Chief coach Chandika Hathurusingh said a few days ago, now Australia want to smash!

Although the task is difficult, the selector Habibul Bashar is not seemingly impossible, ‘Why not? There are two things here. Bangladesh is better now than ever. And the Australia team is not the same as before. Last year’s England was even stronger than in Australia. Most importantly, we are playing well now. So it is very possible to lose Australia.
Former cricketer Atar Ali Khan also tweeted with Habibul, ‘It is certainly possible. Talking, how is it possible? See the latest series on the countryside. There was a win against England, we should have won another one. If Bangladesh can make such a situation, then Bangladesh will do well. But remember, Australia is also strong enough.
Australia played the last Test in Bangladesh in 2006. Ricky Ponting’s rotation in the cricket world is a great game against Australia (250 runs at an average of 62.50 in 2 Tests) left-arm seamer Shahriar Nafees sees this series as a big opportunity for Bangladesh, ‘Australia strong team, all right. That’s right, Australia’s much different difference with Australia now 11 years ago. After a while, new faces were seen in the team. Bangladesh is a stable team there. This is a great opportunity.
But how can this opportunity be utilized? There is no complicated comment on Habibul’s management, ‘If it is possible to play it, then we have to play our best. What they are doing is not important. What we are doing is important to us. ‘
However, there is some problem in Athaar ka Kacha. The former opener feels that if the series is to be played against Australia, they will have to reconcile those puzzles before Musfiqq, “Bangladesh will get the benefit of playing in the country. There are also some concerns. We have not played Test against them for 11 years long. In the recent past, a strong-weak side of a group is quickly understood. There is a chance to correct their mistakes. But there is no way to understand these issues against Australia as there is a break of about one era. None of the current Bangladesh team has played a Test against this team.
Athar admitted that, with the 2006 the picture of the current Bangladesh team can not be matched. Bangladesh now changed party. And last year, as the perpetrator of Australia, England has eaten meat from the Musfiqis, it will also be remembered by the Smiths. Aatah says, “They will not be defeated (like in England) in Bangladesh – they will have such thoughts. Which will create additional pressure for them. Bangladesh will have to use this pressure.
Shahriar’s opinion to achieve success, Bangladesh does not have the option to use 100 percent of their condition, ‘They will come home well with work. But what India has done in March, using Australia to defeat Australia by using their own conditions. Bangladesh will also have to do it. In 2006, we almost won against them. If Bangladesh can do that 11 years ago, now there is a possibility of winning with the brilliance. ‘
Musfiqiq’s work is one, the success of the victory is in the footsteps of the possibilities.